And the winner is....

I told you I would be back with good news. And since I didn't win something today, I figured someone else should.

Thank you to all the local foodies who participated in this week's local challenge!! I entered the numbers into the random number generator site and it said.............................................


And the number 7 on my list is the lovely and talented Paige of Funny Magic.

Congratulations Paige!! You're a winner...but we already knew that.

You'll be getting something with these elements in the mail very soon. But right now? They're still an. Um. Work in progress. But the plans are laid and the finished product is just around the corner. I'll post better pictures of the complete package as soon as it's finished.

Now don't I just wish I could send one to all of you? Yes. I do.


  1. Lucky Paige!!! Can't wait to see the finished project! -S

  2. Oh, fun! I can't wait to see the finished piece too...and yes, Paige is a lucky duck!

  3. I've left you a little treat at my blog! I hope you enjoy it! Jessica

  4. WOW! Me?? Oh, happy days are here again! Thank you, Heather. You're a sweetheart.


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