A give-away you won't want to miss.

And even though I really don't want you to know about it because I'm selfish and I want it for myself, I get extra chances by telling you. Probably if I were smart I would be able to do the math and realize that the 5 extra chances I get by telling you will actually be negated by you going over and entering your name, but I'm telling you anyway, because if you get this gorgeous quilt I will be happy for you.

The drawing is next Tuesday, July 22nd, which also happens to be my birthday. Do you think that makes me lucky??? And...Sandi Henderson, the designer of the fabric in the quilt, is coming to the quilt store in my town three days before my birthday.


Good luck, friends.


  1. What if I enter and give it to you if I win? I would trade you for one of those cute bags you made :)

  2. You are so sweet to let us know! -S

  3. Wow, the colors in that beauty are stunning! Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

  4. ok thats wierd-- me and lauriel had the same idea...except I don't need another bag. so the plan is...talk to me tomorrow and I have an idea.


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