I have to say that I felt a little bit like I was back in Jr. High with my begging people to play with me on this local foods thing. I had a moment of panic just before I published when I thought, no one but me will want to do this, and I'll feel like a major dork having zero responses. But of course, you're all fantastic and game for having some food fun. So far we have seven fabulous, fun participants not counting me. Yippeee!!! I am so excited to have a great motivator to do this.

Keep in mind that you do not need to have a blog to play, and anyone can send ideas/photos in anytime. Even if you only do ONE meal this whole summer...send it in. If you want to jump in just e-mail me. I'll put a link in my sidebar so you can get in touch. You never know who your feast might inspire. So, with that said; let's get going.

(Some of you rock star bloggers may have better ideas about how to make this flow, so if you do, please let me know. Really.)

1. Prepare a meal anytime during the week consisting of local foods. I'm saying local is anything produced within 200 miles of where you live or happen to be preparing your meal. Remember you get oil, salt, pepper, and spices for free. Copying each others meals is TOTALLY ACCEPTABLE and even ENCOURAGED. (I'm not yelling, just excited.)

2. E-mail me either a link to your blog post or a description of your meal (please include a photo if you'd like) every Monday or Tuesday starting June 9th and 10th. (Really, don't worry about the deadline for now. Send it whenever you'd like and I'll add it to the appropriate post.)

3. I'll compile the list into a single post and put it on my blog by Friday(likely sooner) of the same week so that we can all see what everyone else is up to.

My favorite thing about this so far:
~ We have representation from all regions of the country except the far west coast. (Hint: Lauriel and/or Brenda) Ahem.
Our participants come from: Idaho (2), Massachusetts, Indiana, Virginia, Texas, Colorado, and Wisconsin. Hopefully there will be even more as we get going here.

So...ready set make something yummy! Then e-mail me at phileather at yahoo dot com.


  1. Wow, this is exciting! Since I'm traveling the next two weeks, I won't be sending any recipes (although will be eating all local ITALIAN food!!).

    You'll hear from me end of June. Cheers!

  2. I want in! And it wasn't just because of the hint :) I'm not very creative but I will do the best I can. I will have lots of inspiration with the farm in my backyard!

  3. Count me in! I'm planning to start hitting the Farmer's Market just blocks from our house every Saturday morning - now I've got even more motivation to get me there each week - thanks Heather!

  4. H- I want to be in...but I wasn't sure if being part of a CSA was cheating. What do you think? -S

  5. Hi Heather, I am Stephanie's sister, Michelle. I would like to join in on the local eating challenge. Is it too late? I live in Portland, Oregon.

  6. Michelle,

    It is not too late!! Welcome!!!

  7. Question:
    Does it have to be a whole meal? Or can we do one part of a meal at first to get started?

  8. Sorry to post again. Do you think people could include recipes too? I always want to try other people's recipes.

    And...what kind of stuff do you want to know about Farmers Markets and local farms? We go all of the time to ours and I love it!

  9. We had our first meal tonight! While it wasn't anything to exciting, looking around town at all of the local markets was a lot of fun.


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