What do you think?

Last night I dreamed up a few names for our little local eating activity and then Stephanie titled an e-mail with simply "go local", which I like, so I added that too (hope that's okay, Steph). I have a poll in the sidebar to help me decide the final name. Please vote!

We're into double digits with additions from Washington and Minnesota!! We can always use more, though, so keep em' comin'!


  1. Heather,
    I am totally in. Sign me up! :) and I love "Go Local"
    We went to the little organic nursery yesterday. Wish I would have gone there earlier! We also checked out the sweet little baby chicks at Dunlap hatchery in Cladwell. If you want chickies, get them soon. They only have them through June! Jan

  2. Hi Heather! This is Tracey, Stephanie's sister. I am living in Moscow, Idaho and would love to join in on the local food challenge. Count me in!

  3. Count me in also! Though I won't be able to really participate until July. Can't wait! :)


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