There Once Was A Dress...

It had lovely fabric, but the fit was a mess. It was bunchy in back and made me feel strange. But I loved the fabric too much to estrange. So I...

I took out the zipper:
Cut off the top:
Hemmed a tube around the waist and fed elastic through:And then my dress was a skirt:Now I love it again. (and I couldn't find good light anywhere but in the there you go.)
Do you have a dress you love and hate?


  1. I think I have more than one. Unfortunately my new (to me) sewing machine is coming in August - that is only unfortunately because I will be going to full time teaching at the end of August - so there will be no converting to skirts until then. I LOVE the pictures in this post! -S

  2. i love your little feet on the pic :).

  3. I love the skirt! What a great inspiration! Jen and Sara both said I should check out your blog since we have a lot in common! I'm knew to the sewing world and need a little help! Plus I love crafts, eatting local and cooking! Can't wait to read more!

  4. Love your pics and the new skirt! Since I've begun my "adventures in sewing" I've made three skirts, and I only like to wear one of 'em. Argh!


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