Take it easy on yourself!

Food is just getting growing around here, and around many parts of the country. Plus...this idea of eating local is new to many of you. So, take it easy on yourself! Several people have asked if it has to be the whole meal...if you just want to do part of your meal locally....that's great too~

(Lauriel~ e-mail me...I can't find your e-mail address)

Oh...and if you don't have this book yet I highly recommend it. It's great for ideas and inspiration, plus the recipes are fantastic. Every single thing I've tried has been perfect. Thank you to Sarah for the millionth time. She gave it to me a few years back for my birthday and I've given as a gift to many more.


  1. We gave that book to our in-laws for Christmas (bought it from 10,000 Villages) and I wish we had gotten ourselves a copy! -S


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