Rss Readers and stuff

For those of you with'll notice some funky posting going on.

1. I skipped a day for the whole morning yesterday. I thought it was Wednesday. I even told Hadley her birthday was the next day, and had to break it to her that I was wrong and there was still a whole day after that. Oops.... so I posted Go Local week 2 too early and then put it back as a draft and scheduled it for today. It will post later this morning.

2. I had some spammers post on my blog last night on the dress post. They were yucky comments that I couldn't figure out how to remove. I don't know how they ended up here, but the only way I could figure out to remove the comments was to delete the post and re-post it (thank you cut and paste function). Because of this I changed the way my RSS reads (only partial posts now) and I put back the ANNOYING scrambled word feature so spammers won't be patient enough to post. I hope you will, though!

It made me feel all yucky inside to know that they were here, in my space, without any business being here. If they keep coming back I'll have to turn on comment moderation. The drawback of having an online journal....Pros and Cons to everything, I guess.

Go Local coming up!!!


  1. No fun! I figured something had happened that wasn't so great since the woogly letters came into play. That is so disappointing. I also appreciate the clarification about the post and repost! -S

    It is kind of a funny thing about being off for the summer...weekdays seem to lose their meaning...


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