Well now, I bet you were starting to think I'd never stop talking about food! It's true. The subject is heavy on my mind these days, and honestly, I've never had so much fun planning dinner. But there is a lot of other fun stuff going on around here and now that some packages have arrived at their destinations, it's time to share.

I've been really getting into patchwork projects lately. I have so many more on the docket, but these three are complete and I really love them all. One is a little bag that I've been wanting to make for a long time. Perfect for tiny projects or a light load. I sent this one to a friend, and I hope she likes it. The second is my first zippered pouch!!! I got so excited when it was finished that I couldn't stop "zippering" it. I hope the zipper still works by the time it gets to it's destination! The bird is from Joelle Hoverson's Last Minute patchwork + quilted gifts. I waited for 3 months to get this book on the waiting list at the library, and the week I had it was way too short. I might have to put my name back on the waiting list so I can have another week with it. I really love it a lot. The zippered pouch is to match the diaper bag I made my sister a month or so ago. I think the bird will be sweet hanging from the car seat.

And this little dress was actually made for easter this year. I loved every part of this dress as I was making it. When Hadley put it on for the first time I was totally deflated by how baggy it was. Just not what I was hoping for at all. Then it actually disappeared in her room for about a month and when it came out yesterday I found a whole new appreciation for it. It's actually pretty perfect for summer romping! I might even make some bloomers to go under it since her new favorite activity is hanging upside down on the hang-y handle things (no idea what they're really called...) in her play ground. I love the rick-rack and the appliqu├ęd flower on the ruffle pocket. I also love the covered buttons and the fabric combination. So I guess it's not so bad after all. It's just so deflating when a project doesn't turn out the way I imagine.(of course Hadley made her little mask totally impromptu the other day. When I asked her if I could take some pictures of her in her dress she grabbed it and stared dancing.)

This coming week marks a bunch of celebrating for us. We kick off the fanfare with Father's Day on Sunday, follow it up with our 10th anniversary on Monday, and Hadley plans to turn 6 (whether I like it or not) on Thursday. Lots of memory making planned, and my favorite patch-y project to be revealed soon.


  1. I hope that you have a wonderful week of celebrating! I love my little bag. It is adorable and I have the perfect use for it. It can hold my tiny crochet projects that get lost in the bottom of the big bag!

  2. Super cute! I was wondering about the recipient of that cute bag! :) -S


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