Passing Time

This is how Amelia passes time. She goes from one drawer/cupboard to another and pulls everything out until she's done and then she comes to visit and tell me what she's been up to. She was not happy when we installed baby locks on three of her favorite spots. But she found new ones quickly, so all is well. Aside from the fact that she is sick AGAIN! I've tried not to complain too much on the blogs. But she's been sick with a fever, runny nose and sever cough for three weeks out of the last four. Just when she's finally started to kick the cough from the last round she comes down with the same symptoms again. I'm starting to get worried and actually very frustrated. Good thing she's a cutie pie.


  1. Hmmm. I wonder if you put everything out, could you entice her to put it away (and create a whole new game that would benefit you!)?? :P


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