Market Love

Saturday brought happy surprises and a bountiful harvest! I was so happy to see some new selections in the produce area. I took $15 dollars with me and this is what I brought home:1 bunch of beets, 1 pound of sugar snap peas, green onions, 2 pounds of pie cherries, one pound of red cherries (can't remember the variety), two heads of baby bok choy, a small kohlrabi, a bunch of baby mustard greens, and a tube of peppermint lip balm (not shown here). I was particularly excited about the beets, cherries, and peas. Amelia has been chowing on the cherries and I've been snacking on the peas. They're such a yummy treat to have sitting in a bowl reminding me that chocolate is not the only option for happiness.

I can't wait to make a cherry pie! The first pie I ever made all by myself was a cherry pie. I was 10 or so and my Mom hated making pies. I kept asking her to help me and she kept stalling. Hoping I'd forget. But I didn't, and finally I just got up early one morning, took out the Betty Crocker cookbook and figured it out on my own. She just about hit the floor when she came out and there was a pie sitting on the counter. After that I was the token pie maker every Thanksgiving.

Lately my pie mojo seems to be lacking some luster. Maybe these fresh pie cherries will bring it back.


  1. Mmmmm....yummy! Such a lovely sight!!! I am a bit jealous...I so m8iss that wonderful market. I am also impressed with your $15 finds! I vow to get to our markets this weekend! -S


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