Joining In

Would you join me?

I'd like to start a local eating challenge for the summer. I found one I really wanted to join in on, but I missed the deadline, so I thought maybe I'd start my own. But it's really only fun if you join me. So....will you?
(my salad bowl...we had our first garden salad last night. Yum!!)

The challenge: to prepare one meal per week from exclusively local ingredients. You get oil, salt, pepper and other spices as freebies. Then you e-mail me a description, a photo, or a link to your blog on say a Monday. I will then post your meal or link to your blog on my blog on a set day later in the week. You don't have to commit to every week, just what fits your schedule.

The Goal: To inspire each other to eat healthful, whole meals from local sources. It will be fun to see how families all over the U.S. (and maybe even other countries??) eat using regional food items.
(My Stupice tomatoes...all set to be ripe by the 4th of July...ten of them already!!!)

Who can join in: YOU!! And anyone else you know who is interested in this topic.

How to sign up: just comment and leave me an e-mail address (or you can e-mail me at phileather at yahoo dot com) if I don't have one for you already. I'll send a weekly e-mail reminder to anyone on the list and we'll go from there. Maybe I'll even be able to come up with a groovy name for this challenge???
(my hanging basket from Mother's Day...tree house in the background)

Will you do it with me? Will ya? Pretty Pleeeease?

note: for those of you who are interested I'll be following the multi-regional challenge hosted by Farm to Philly called One Local Summer. There are coordinators from all over the U.S. who will head up the participants for their region. Looks pretty darn cool.

This web site looks really cool, too.

And here is the blog of the Western region One Local Summer challenge coordinator. Gorgeous.


  1. Okay, Heather, I'm in!! Sounds AWESOME and CHALLENGING all at the same time.

  2. wellllll...I'd like to give it a try. I still haven't found a local farmers market near me...but I'm on the hunt.

  3. I'm in. This is a great idea. I always have all of these great intentions, but don't always follow through. Now I have a great motivation!!! Watch out farmer's market, here I come!

  4. I'm all over it! Sign me up!

  5. I'm in too, Heather! Thanks.

  6. Sounds like fun. I"m willing to give it a try. when do we start?


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