Go Local Week 3

Okay friends....I'm back from my little vacation (more on that tomorrow) and ready to tell you what everyone was up to last week. I know vacations are in full force and everyone is very busy, so we had five brave local tables for week 3.

Stephanie and her Mom, Jan enjoyed a beautiful stir fry with veggies from both Stephanie's garden and a local weekday market they went to together. I wish I could have seen the "babiest of baby carrots" she used from her garden. And the rainbow swiss chard is so pretty.

Shawn and Sara paced themselves for their first local meal as Sara concocted the most delightful sounding Green Goddess soup. Pretty soon she'll have sourced all she needs to re-create this delight from even more local sources. Way to go guys!

Jen made the most scrumptious pizza for dinner with local veggies and some non-local ingredients as well. Her husband missed out big time when he went out for chicken wings with his buddies instead. That's okay...Jen's working him up to this challenge slowly! Good work, Jen.

I have it on good authority that Paige over at Funny Magic enjoyed a local fish fry after her vacation to the lake. She didn't have time to post it for this week, so I'm telling you for her. It's not too late to tell us all about it, Paige!

Over here we nearly missed our local meal for the week with all the birthday goings on, but I did manage to eek out some scrambled eggs with fresh local eggs and farmer's market spinach and green onions. Served up with a side of local wheat bread and my homemade strawberry jam it made a pretty darn fine Sunday morning breakfast. Boring, I know. But hey...we do what we can, right?

You won't believe what's been making it's way to local tables for week 4!! I can't wait to round it all up here for you next Wednesday. Remember....it's not too late to join in the fun, and you still have until Sunday to make a week 4 meal!!


  1. Thanks for doing this challenge Heather! It has been fun to shop for local foods and to read about what other people are doing!

  2. Welcome back! I love how the more I get into this the more fun it becomes! What can I do with the CSA stuff that I got this week. It is a creative puzzle. Thanks for keeping us rolling! -S

    As to your meal...nothing like simple yumminess! S


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