Go Local-week 2

Our first entry for week two is Carissa over at happy stuff. She enjoyed a delicious treat and recaps her experience here: well.... i missed the farmer's market last weekend since i was
camping, so my local food supply has been somewhat skimpy this week.
i decided to go to the tiny thursday market near my house, but since
there was a rainstorm, there was only one brave vendor there. but
what a treasure! she had fantastic strawberries, as well as cilantro,
dill and some green onions. i ended up getting some berries and
cilantro and biking home in the rain. after dinner this evening, i
was able to put together a local dessert--sliced strawberries on top
of Sibby's chocolate ice cream. (yep, local ice cream. I am in
Wisconsin, after all! wait, how many miles away is considered local?)
here's their website: http://sibbysicecream.com/

Sarah from Indiana and Life of a Domestic Goddess also posted about her first local meal! Read about her delicious chicken dinner here.

Lauriel is lucky enough to live behind a farm where she can watch her food grow and then go buy it!! She took her first stab at a local meal this week and did a great job with what she could scrounge up in the rainy weather. Check it out here.

Michelle from Oregon and Delightful and Sunny All Day blog really does it right! They feasted all week long on cheese platters, trout spaghetti, breakfast eggs, and almost local fried rice. She came to the same realization I have lately....when you have local ingredients in the house you tend to eat local more often than just once a week.

At our house we absolutely loved our most local dinner comprised of asparagus pie...oh my!! One of my favorite recipes from Simply in Season to date. We paired it with home made WHO bread and strawberry jam and a garden salad.Not local: butter and dressing. I could have made my own dressing and counted it, but dinner was ready, the kids were hungry, and the dressing in the fridge seemed the right thing to do.
Local ingredients:
eggs from a farm down the road
milk from a farm about 100 miles away
asparagus from the farmer's market
lettuce from the back yard
WHO bread from my oven (whole wheat ground in my kitchen...but the rest not local)
Strawberry Jam from The Berry Ranch

We also enjoyed another dinner of:
Local roasted veggies (potatoes and asparagus from the farmer's market...carrots not local yet)
Roasted local chicken from The Berry Ranch

Stephanie from Idaho and Delightful and Sunny All Day blog kicked some local butt this week! With her new basket attached to her bicycle she can wander around the farmer's market and load up! She also found more treasures at our local co-op, and she stole my yogurt maker and made herself some local yogurt. Not really. But I am very jealous of that yogurt maker and I passed on one just like it right before we started this challenge. Shuck-y Darn! I'll find another one. Read about her awesome week here.

Tanya from Central Oregon enjoyed: trout caught by my dad at a nearby lake and
a salad - lettuce and tomatoes locally grown. Not real exciting, but really yummy!

Sounds like I need to get me some trout. You guys are amazing!

Did you all see Jen, Stephanie, Jan, and Tracey's post from week 1? De-lish!

Hopefully all of the local eaters received an e-mail from me yesterday (my first attempt at a group e-mail...let me know if it didn't work.) So you all have a clearer picture of the week and when things will be posted. I'm sorry for my earlier "too much wiggle room" instructions. Bad teacher! I was trying to be "summer-y" and free.

Eat on, my friends!!! The produce just keeps getting more and more interesting by the week!


  1. I am pondering my first attempt...not sure why I have been so stuck about how to be a mix of local/not local....I think tonight is the night. But, then again, I said that last time the post was up. -S

  2. Thanks for doing this, Heather! Fun to read - now I just gotta put a little post together about the fish fry we had, hopefully by Tuesday!


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