Go Local Week 1

New addition! Jen took on her first quiche and her husband's love affair with meat for this week's Go Local challenge! Go check out her entry at Books, yarn, and other stuff.

Jan and her girls from Idaho sent in the first meal submission!! Yay, Jan, Stephanie, and Tracey!! You can see their meal over at Delightful and Sunny All Day.

Jan also e-mailed me. She writes: LOCAL!!!!! We had a fun dinner last night. Grilled Idaho cheese and toasted local bread and for dessert, fresh strawberries from my yard. I can't wait till the garden gives us a bit more...I did find some local honey and it's wonderful.

We enjoyed our first (almost) totally local meal on Sunday night:

Local sirloin Steak from a farmer in Kuna
Steamed beet greens, asparagus, and spinach from the farmer's market
Fresh green garden salad from my little garden
Rhubarb Sauce on non-local ice cream (Oregon, though!)

I wish I'd taken a picture, the beet greens were just gorgeous ...but it was gone too fast.

It's not too late to send in your week 1 submission.


  1. I posted my first meal. All in all it was pretty good.

  2. Hooray for local! My 100mi radius from Pullman gets a decent chunk of Idaho, and I actually get most of my stuff in Moscow. I'm glad to virtually meet you all.

    I think we should form an exception for Aldersprings Grass-Fed meats. They're in May, ID but that's not in anyone's 100mi radius (ok, some small towns). Their stuff is so good.

  3. We got our first CSA goodies as you saw...still trying to figure out what I will cook with them! -S


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