Ding, Ding, Ding!!

We have a winner! And we won't even have to call in the supreme court to help us decide the outcome. Thank you to Stephanie for her totally inadvertent, but perfect suggestion of GO LOCAL!
I personally liked full of beans, but hey, I'm willing to go with the majority here. :)

Remember....it's never too late to join in the fun! Just comment or e-mail me if you want to participate. We now have 15 participants, which is totally awesome! I'm blown away that you all want to do this with me. I think we could hit 20 by July if we tell a few more people. That would be cool, don't you think?

I did try to set up an e-mail link in my side bar for submissions. It did not work. So please e-mail me as soon as you have a meal ready to share. My e-mail address is phileather at yahoo dot com. It's spelled out that way to prevent spammers from noticing it.

Also...if you are interested in having me do a profile on you and your local sources for food I would love to feature one person per week so that we can share ideas about how we find our food. Plus I just love seeing photos of CSA's, farm stands, and Farmer's Markets. Comment here if you're willing to do a profile.

Enjoy this lovely day!


  1. You are added on Good Reads. I check it occasionally, but for some reason it just doesn't work well for me.

    We are trying to go the family reunion this summer, but it depends on what Andrew ends up doing for work. Are you going to go?

  2. I'll do a profile. Just let me know what you need. I don't have a lot together right now...but I can get it. :)

  3. I can do a profile for you too - it would be fun.

  4. HA! I voted for Full of Beans too! That's funny. So what do we have to do for the profile?

  5. Heather:

    This is such exciting stuff! I'm just now home from my trip to Italy and, as you know, am off to Idaho tomorrow, so won't be able to get cooking local until early next week. But, I would love to do a profile at some point; I've got a camera, a farmer's market and a lot of good ideas :)



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