Birthday Twins

Hadley has a birthday twin. Some of you may know my little sister Rebecca was due to have her baby, and SHE DID! Welcome to the world little bean. He was born at 3:07 am on June 19th. Hadley was hoping and praying that he would arrive on her birthday and he did. She's not over the fact that he isn't a girl. But she'll get there. And little bean is just as sweet as he can be. Unfortunately he inhaled merconium at birth and had to be moved to a bigger hospital in Austin where they could watch him more closely. So he's in the NICU there, and Rebecca, Murv, and Lindsay are staying at the Ronald McDonald house in Austin until he is released. They won't say how long it could take as he has developed pneumonia and has to be carefully watched. So many prayers are needed. We're certain he will be released very soon, and Rebecca will finally be able to hold her little man. It's heart wrenching for me to be so far away. He's a buck some boy, though. Very strong. It won't be long and they'll be home enjoying each other and this very precious time.

Incidentally this makes three sets of birthday twins in our family. My sister Lindsay and sister-in-law Mary, my brother Ryan and my nephew Eli, and my Hadley and Rebecca's baby "bean" (name to be determined...).

Welcome to the world little guy! We're all pulling for you.


  1. Tell Rebecca and Merv that we are thinking of them and congratulations! Have they picked a name yet? Keep us updated on how he doing...


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