After Midnight....

I turn into a pumpkin. But I was determined to finish this dress for my little star and her princess birthday tea party. So I stayed up way too late a few nights this week and re-purposed an old thrift store prom dress into a Cinderella dress for my girl. Let me tell you; there was swearing involved in this project. And lots of seam ripping and starting over. But in the end I managed to pull it off. I did a victory dance as I made the last few stitches for the zipper just three hours before the party began. Luckily she was attending her weekly art class so I was able to finish before she started celebrating. There are many, many mistakes. So no looking close. She doesn't, and that's good. It's already been christened, too. She took it for a ride on her new scooter (knee pads and helmet and all) and rolled it up in the wheels. Now it has a little decorative rip in the skirt, but that just makes it easier to play in I suppose. Now that it's marred, she doesn't have to worry so much about being careful. I almost got all uptight and freaked out until I remembered that I made it to be a play dress and that's what she was doing.

In other news we went and picked more strawberries and made more jam. I just couldn't be done with strawberries yet. I used a different "jelling" product that called for less than half the amount of sugar the sure-jell called for the first round. I'll never look back. This second round was Ball brand and the jam is gorgeous. Almost as gorgeous as the strawberries in their thrifted white bowls (my favorite find this year) and paired with the turquoise chicken scratch apron I scored at a church sale a few weeks ago. Speaking of red and turquoise...have you seen Heather Bailey's new fabric line? I can't wait to get my hands on the ice color way. I'd like to cover my whole house in that stuff. Gorgeous.

I have more business to take care of tomorrow and of course we'll be heading to the Farmer's Market. Last year on June 20th I came home with this: I'm curious to see what I can come up with tomorrow. But I'll have to get there early. The good stuff goes fast!


  1. I love the princess dress! It's perfect for a little princess with a scooter! Hope the party was fun!

  2. You are amazing!!! Really, I think I want to be a princess at your house!!! -S


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