Something ugly this way comes

We've been in desperate need of an organizer for all of our bills and papers cluttering up an ugly plastic in-box on the desk. Yesterday the girls and I hit a rummage sale and I spied an old brown and brass organizer on the table for .25 cents. I picked it up and thought, "well we are desperate". And then I told myself we weren't THAT desperate. But then I remembered this adorable site I'd seen earlier in the week. And suddenly we had our weekend craft project all lined out for us. Here's how we did it:
Take your child and strip her clothes off. Give her some sand paper and tell her to get all that ugly shiny stuff off. Add assistance when needed.
Find your favorite leftover paint and add a few coats. Ours happens to be Apple Green (also the color of our basement play room). Find an assortment of paper or fabric you love and cut out fun shapes. Mod podge the shapes to the formerly ugly box. Add some decorative push pins. In our case this became a secondary project whereby we took some coverable buttons from the fabric store, some scrap material we loved, a hot glue gun, and some push pins. Then we pulled out the metal button loop on the back plate, covered the buttons as usual and hot glued the push pins to the back of the buttons. (not my idea...I saw it somewere on another craft blog.) And you're done. Cute, huh?
Don't worry. I'm not delusional enough to think that my craft measures up to the gorgeous art work of the woman's web-site I cited above. But hers served as inspiration for mine. And I'm quite happy with the transformation.


  1. It turned out great. Much more your style now that it is spruced up with some fun paint and buttons.

  2. Heather - you really are creative! I love the box and it will be so nice to have a place to keep yourself organized. Great job!

  3. Much better! Too cute for bills, though...:)

  4. So stinking cute!!! I may be searching for a little banged up model to do just the same!!! Brilliant!! I am in awe! -S


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