Girl-y Update

It's been a busy month around were with all the sun and fun. Amelia is big into the "fetch and shake" stage. Meaning she'll fetch things when we tell her to, and she shakes her head yes and no to tell us what she wants. It's a fun sort of guessing game we play. "Want some peas?" Head shaking vigorously "NO"! "Want a treat?" Head shaking vigorously "YES". It's actually made meal time much easier, except when we say "Eat your dinner" and she says "no way". Which she says a lot.
Amelia just got her fourth molar in, so now she has lots of teeth to bite us with, but mostly she prefers pulling hair and pinching. Yes, pinching. Drives me nuts and HURTS. Why does she do this? It's not as if we ever pinched her??! But she's also a lot of fun and keeps us very busy. She absolutely loves being outside. She always has. Taking her for a walk is a sure fire way to calm her down and restore some peace to our ears.

Hadley has also been busy. She's just about to graduate from Kindergarten. She's anxiously awaiting the drama production next week where she'll star as one of the Three Little Pigs. She chose the pig with the bricks, just in case the other houses really blew down and the pigs got eaten by the wolf. She didn't want to take that risk. She also enjoyed a gallery showing of her artwork recently. Amelia had hidden my camera battery that night so we didn't get a picture, but her art was the best of the show! We're wondering how we'll keep her busy all summer. She'll take tennis lessons and do an art camp, but I'm going to have to stay on my toes to find activities we can all enjoy. One thing she'll be doing is taking care of her new kitten, Skittles. Daddy hosted a stray cat in the back yard this winter and she had babies about six weeks ago. We agreed to let her keep the gray one. Now we have 2 dogs, a guinea pig, and two cats. I guess I don't need to think up activities. Instead I need a parenting class on teaching children responsibility. Yikes!!


  1. The girls are toooo cute, and the kittens adooooorable! Hey, what about doggie pix, too!

    What is up with that pinching? Is it a way she can get immediate attention in a house full of very strong (including her own) personalities??? Yikes!

    Well, yay for summer, where you can all enjoy sunshine, projects, gardening and kittens.

  2. I can't believe how much Amelia has changed. Such a big girl.

    Isha also pinches sometimes. I will say no and then tell her that it hurts and she will do it again. Little turkey!

    I love that Hadley put so much thought into which pig she wanted to be. Smart girl!

    Another cat. Amazing considering that you don't like cats. Hadley must have been very persuasive!

  3. Mill Mil has got to have the sweetest british punk hair ever! she could totally have her own band...:)


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