I had a mini-"maker fair" at home this weekend. I'm really behind on all my little projects, and since it was 90 degrees here I decided to get busy and make stuff. I can't justify my large cabinet full of fabric if I don't! Plus, I'd like to buy some more fabric I've seen lately, so I need to make some room. I'm also rather behind and sort of up to my eyeballs with gift season and my handmade pledge is putting some pressure on the situation. Never fear...totes are here! I finished three for my nieces and sister-in-law in CO. It will be a little bit difficult to put them in the mail since I like them all so much, but I'm excited to send them. Amelia was my model this afternoon. She was playing "get away from Mommy".

I hope they like them!

I also made some clothing. These two little outfits are just in time for hot summer days for the girls. I almost made myself one to match, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be as cute on me. You should have seen me smiling all of Sunday afternoon watching the girls run around in their matching mommy made outfits. If they had been wearing all the parts all at the same time for more the 2 minutes I might have captured them on film...but that was not to be. I loved doing the smocking on the shrits. SOO easy and satisfying.

I also bought a pattern for some summer pants for myself and tried my hand at sewing knit. Alas...they were not meant to be worn out of the house. They are not cute. But I'll tell you one thing: I'm in love with how comfortable they are. The fabric is so soft and comfy I'm ready to go buy some knit sheets. Totally perfect for wearing around here. Totally not camera worthy. But I'll try again because I learned a lot. At least now I have the world's softest jammies!!

And finally...the thrifty part of this post. Amelia and I took a little trip to the thrift store this morning and just as we were leaving I spotted this coat. I know. It's 90 degrees. But the dang thing was screaming at me from across the store. It was made for me, really, like someone measured me and tailor made it. With all the perfect buttons and the round collar and grey wool and I love it. I want winter back so I can wear it.


  1. Wow, Heather -- you are inspiring! I'm impressed with how much you get done. I'm STILL knitting (almost every night) a little 3-6 month jacket for friends who's baby shower is next month. I LOVE the outfits for the girls --- how do you make that smocking? It looks incredibly complicated and hard...I DO want one of those for me :)

    You are amazing!


    PS the wool coat is adorable -- what a nice find!

  2. Totes - Fabulous! Summer outfits - So Darling! New coat - What a find! -S

  3. OMG!! That coat...I can't find the words. You are so lucky! And the totes and clothes are fabulous! Someday I'm gonna try smocking (I love smocking).

  4. I LOVE those dresses H. They are adorable. They look like they came from a specialty store. You will have to teach me how to do that...those are great baby gifts.

    one step closer to my sewing maching...i can feel it!

  5. Amelia is a scream -- I can almost hear her chortling as she models your GREAT totes! I love the coat too -- and it sounds like you got it for a steal! All the better!!!!


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