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I have never fancied myself a great garment maker. I love straight lines. Curtains, pillows, you know, things you can't really mess up. It has to do with my fabric cutting phobia. So I've only made myself a few clothing items, and I really wasn't considering making any more until my recent visit over to Blue Yonder. I've seen this shirt pattern reviewed on several blogs before, but she was convincing with her review. She pretty much feels the same way I do about sewing...clothes for me never turn out the way I dream they will. But she loved simplicity pattern number 3835 so much that she made herself 6 shirts from this pattern and promised all of us that we could do the same. So I bought the pattern and I made the shirt. The first one I made was too small because I didn't believe the pattern measurements. They've been wrong before and I was honestly a little insulted by the number that came up. But the pattern was correct, and luckily my friend Holli taught me to do a prototype, so I only wasted some of an old sheet and not my pretty most favorite fabric. Anyway...long story short: I love this pattern. I made the second "sheet" shirt according to package directions and it turned out perfect. So I decided I'd cut one out of some black knit I had. But when I laid the pattern out I realized I had enough for the dress, so I made a dress instead. It's my favorite dress. So dang comfortable and at least 5 people commented on it when I wore it to school. I know it doesn't look like much on a hanger, but it's cute, and jersey knit is the way to go. Feels like pajamas.
Shirt three was made of a yard of quilting fabric I bought this weekend. I forgot this fabric in the photo of my loot before. I think I was trying to convince myself I'd spent less money than I really had. I actually bought two yards of this print (Aunt Sukey) because I love it so much and plan to use it in a pattern for my summer bag.

Longer story ending now: you can make this pattern!! No matter how scared you are of garment sewing, you can do it!! Promise.My $2 sheet! Cute enough for summer, right? I know, Mom. Not zesty. But it is comfortable and I like something about it.

I know...this picture is flashy and weird again, but I wanted you to see the neckline detail so you'd really know what this dress looks like and for some reason it wasn't showing up in the other photos. My Aunt Sukey fabric...love this line

Go visit Blue Yonder. You won't be disappointed...such a cute mama. Great photos, too.


  1. Oh man,that pattern is addicting! I had heard many people speak of it in blog-land for a while and went out and bought it last weekend. I think I'm going to need to buy more fabric this weekend...

  2. Love these shirts!! Very cute! I am tempted to try them, but the gathered neck and sleeves are scary to me.

  3. So cute! You are the reason I am getting a sewing machine for graduation. What an inspiration. -S

  4. I love the dress. I bet you look adorable in it!

  5. Heather!! This is awesome! I want photos of you modeling your pieces, please :)


  6. Fabulous! I love that dress. And you know what? I read that same post over at Blue Yonder and recently picked up the pattern. I can't wait to give it a go now! Thanks for the inspiration...


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