Hadley is the project queen. It's not surprising, but it is wonderful to watch. Recently her projects have become increasingly sophisticated (along with her vocabulary!!) My favorite project of late is her diorama/puppet project for school. We sat down together and did some brainstorming to come up with a sea animal (animals and habitats being the subject of discussion in school at the moment) which resulted in a drawing of a starfish. I then cut the shape out of felt and sewed it together for her. She stuffed it. She cut out the eyes and mouth and glued them on. I made the elastic handle in the back so she could be a puppeteer.

Then the fun part! She tore strips of blue and green tissue paper to make ocean water and then we cut out seaweed from felt and glued it to a cardboard box. A few orange felt fish and some collected shells from past adventures and we have a mixed media collage/diorama to love. She was ever so proud carrying her project to her classroom. It was lovely to watch.

In hindsight I wish I would have given her even more responsibility in the task, but it was certainly fun to work together. I love that she is old enough to help for real these days. It's so much fun to craft with her.


  1. When we were in TX Jai's nephew had homework and I almost had an anxiety attack thinking about when Isha gets to that point. I loved this post because it made me realize that it isn't something to sress about but something to enjoy with them. Okay, maybe not math homework, but some of the other projects are going to be fun. Thanks for teaching me this lesson!

    I love you H!


  2. How fun!!! The diorama is really fantastic! I bet her teacher was duly impressed! -S

  3. The Crafty Girls! Very cute -- she's quite artistic!


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