Progress and Mail

Fun stuff came in the mail this week.

Two of my favorite blogging Mama's are published authors, and I recently ordered their books. I waited "in line" at the library for about three months to get Bend the Rules Sewing by Amy Karol (angry chicken blog), and loved the book and the projects so much that I felt it should be mine. There are several more things in her book I'd like to make besides the diaper bags I showed you. Can't wait for summer and nap time so I can get started. (5 more weeks, but who's counting). My friend at work gave me a nice piece of felted wool and I can't wait to make the girls some fairy hats.

The other book is something I've been looking forward to ever since I started reading Soule Mama's blog. Amanda Blake Soule is one amazing Mama. I love her emphasis on the natural world, and her ability to allow her kids the freedom to make messes and create without too many boundaries. I'm learning a lot from her about letting go of control and listening to my kids. I highly recommend this book for teachers and parents.

In other news...I celebrated Earth Day by finishing some shopping totes. I used an old sheet from Good Will and bought some webbing to complete the project demonstrated over on Wisdom of the Moon blog. I plan on making her produce bags and a stuff bag to keep everything neatly contained in the car as well. The sheet cost me a buck and the webbing is about .99 cents a yard. One sheet made eight bags, so the total cost was about $1 a bag. I got lucky and found a really cute sheet, too. Love stripes. She uses a method that starts with a rectangle folded once and sewn all in one shot. It's quick and very easy, but leaves the corners exposed on the outside (exactly like plastic shopping bags) and I'm not sure I'd do it that way again. Although having said was super fast and simple and makes for a rounded bottom, which is nice when stuffing bags full of food, etc. I took mine to the first Farmer's Market of the year yesterday. Yipeeeeee!!! Now I just have to remember to use them when I shop.

And finally....I finished my first skirt of the season. I found the fabric at Good Will for .99 cents and the pattern came from JoAnn when they had their 1.99 pattern sale. Don't ask me why I made a white skirt when I have two small children hanging around with me all day. Maybe it will last at least a few wearings, and since it was a total cost of $4.00 including the's a risk I'm willing to take. I like the top a lot. I didn't like hand hemming the 2 yard circumference a lot.

Time's up for posting. I've got tote bags and zippered pouches, plus a little re-constructed dress for Hadley in the waiting pile. Tomorrow is my last concert. We're having a Renaissance dessert concert. All the kids (and myself) will be dressed in costume and singing madrigals while our guests eat apple pie. Hadley is coming in costume as well, and even though it will be a lot of work, I'm very excited. Wish me luck. I'm hoping to go out with a bang this year.


  1. I LOVE those totes for shopping. Will you make me some?? I'll pay you for them:) Casey and I have been focusing this whole month (I have planning to post about it but havent' yet...maybe soon) on how to treat our Mother Earth better so those bags would be a great things to add. I want a sewing machine so bad...someday:)

  2. Where to begin?? Love those shopping bags, and that skirt is so pretty - the total price is even prettier! And you're going to love having those books all to yourself. They're both just awesome.

  3. Brilliant! Has anyone told you how brilliant you are?

    Grocery bags made out of old sheets? Fab!!! Way to reuse and repurpose!

    The skirt? I have one that is quite similar and it cost me quite a bit more and is not tailor-made to fit me! LOVELY!

    A Renaissance themed concert - in costumes? Your kids are so stinking lucky and they have no idea. You are making special memories for them - someday they will appreciate it! Let's hope so at least!

    All I can say is...YOU ROCK!!!! -S


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