Oh, the Sun.

Happy, happy sun. It's shining and warming and causing blooms to bloom and smiles to become freckled and sun kissed. It's a happy thing. We spent lots of time outside on the patio and in the tree house this weekend. Some crafting happened, too. And a little party for Amelia.

We also started planning our raised vegetable garden beds. Can't wait for the veggies we'll harvest. I'm also excited about trying the project in this photo. Another treasure from the Bok sanctuary. This little tower was in the gift shop, and I'm excited to try and make one for myself.

Please let me remember to water it and not kill all the plants inside.


  1. What a cool idea! I can't wait to see yours. Tell Amelia we have a birthday present for her, but we have been a little slow getting projects done.


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