Lemon Ginger Cake

Yesterday I made my first bundt cake in my first rummage sale bundt pan. Ever since Easter I've been planning to make the lemon Ginger bundt cake in the March Everyday Food Magazine. After Amelia got sick that weekend I sort of forgot about it. Until this weekend. We went to a church rummage sale and sitting on the kitchen goods table was a yellow bundt pan for .75 cents. (I think my Mom had a yellow one just the same. ) Yesterday I went to the store for the ingredients and then last night Hadley helped me make it. Holli and Sarah have both made this cake and posted about it recently. Now I know why. And I'm thankful to Amelia for getting sick on Easter weekend. Because knowing about this cake is going to make me have to buy new pants soon. So at least I avoided an extra two months of my fate because I didn't make it Easter weekend.

It's so good we've eaten half of it already. HALF. In less than twenty four hours. Sarah was sweet enough to post the recipe on her blog so you can all share in the joy of this custardy, lemony, good and happy cake. And I'd show you a picture, but then I would have to be embarrassed that I already ate half.

So now that I have a bundt pan I need Dunya to post her recipe for chocolate orange bundt cake. She fed me some of that last summer before she moved far, far away. It was furiously good, too. We miss you Dunya!!!


  1. I love making bundt cakes. I will have to check out the recipe and give it a try.

  2. Um, yes, this one is dangerous. I thought of you as I made it and ate it. I'm glad you tried it, you lemon lover!!


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