Get your dictionary

Hadley has a fantastic vocabulary. I take very little credit for this. Not that I'm a slouch when it comes to words, I like them, and I try to use them well. But Phil is the word master around here. He has always talked to Hadley as if she is much older than she is, and if you know her you know that she listens to everything she can get her ears on.

In the past few months her vocabulary has boomed once again, only now she is making up her own words. Lots of them. And my favorite new word of hers you ask? Sarcastinating. It's a verb most of the time, but sometimes it becomes a noun and we become sarcastinators.

One thing she knows for sure: sarcasm reigns in this house.


  1. I can't wait for Isha to start talking. So far we are still stuck on mama and dada. Although she has started to say Daddy and she calls Stitch, Tish.

  2. I love reading your blog and seeing how your girls are growing! They are darling! What a wonderful job you and Phil are doing raising them. I wsih we could see you more often!

  3. sarcastinating... I'm going to start using that one! brilliant!

  4. Fantastic!! She is really brilliant! -S


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