All in a week...

Just since Amelia turned one last Saturday she has already made more developments. And some I forgot to mention. Like:

The princess wave: she holds her hand up facing forward and twists to say hi and bye-bye. It's her best trick and she shares it with anyone willing to make eye contact.

The point: at whatever it is she wants. And then the scream if it doesn't happen fast enough.

The spoon and the straw. Not that she's mastered these two things, but how she longs to. She really, really longs to. We tried yogurt this morning and some went in her mouth. I joked that her birthday gift should be a container of applesauce and a spoon in the bathtub. Naked. Fun, no?

Sleep!!! This excites me more than just about anything. She's slept mostly through the entire night without waking up for more than about two minutes this entire week!! ( it's only been a few days, but still.) I am knocking on wood. I am NOT getting my hopes up. Too disappointing.

Stacking blocks and inserting stuff into containers with accuracy. Big fun.

A week is so busy when you're one.


  1. Good job Amelia! It is so fun to watch them try new things.
    Amelia's hair has really grown. She looks so cute with her pretty blond hair.

  2. Though I don't have my own children, yet, I am always so impressed with what spongy learners/developers kids are! One day they can't do something and the next they are close to pros. SO amazing! Way to go Miss A! -S


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