Happy? Easter

Yes. That question mark is there for a reason. You know how Amelia has been sick for pretty much this entire month? Or have I communicated that with you clearly enough? It started at the first of the month when her first molar started coming through. Then she had her shots. The she came down with a terrible congestive cough, fever, and cold. Then Hadley got pink eye and the same cold Amelia had. Then Amelia got pink eye. Then I though to myself...well at least they're getting all of this out of their systems before our vacation.

I should not have thought that.

For the past two days Amelia has been spewing vile liquid from both ends of her body. The poor little "poopsie" is so sick that I finally took her to the doctor today. The doctor had me take a stool sample so they can test her for the Roto virus. Since we are due to fly out to Florida on Wednesday morning she figured we might want to know if Amelia will have diarrhea the entire time we are gone. "So we know what we're dealing with if we decide to travel." IF.

We've been planning this vacation since Christmas, and we know that it is likely to be a once or twice in a life time trip. I'm predicting that Hadley will come down with this lovely virus on about Wednesday. Do I really want to fly for 8 hours and spend 10 days away from home knowing that my kids might both be sick?? Not so much. But I'm biding my time before I freak out. Because you never know. Maybe the Gods will come together on this for us. I've been praying a lot for a miracle.

So, anyway, there's that. Easter didn't produce the spinach and cheddar quiche with ham and mustard sauce followed by a lemon bundt cake. I had high hopes, but instead I held a crying a feverish baby all day. At least I managed to prepare for the Easter bunny, and aunt Rebecca helped the girls enjoy an egg hunt at the park on Saturday. I even cranked out a little skirt and an Easter dress for Hadley. Amelia's didn't quite make it since just when I got rolling with the cutting out of the fabric she started throwing up. Oh well.

I do have some fun pictures from the weekend despite the set backs. I'll post the dress when I finish the embellishments I have planned. It's just not quite finished.


  1. Oh dear. Sounds like you've been up to your ears in sickness around there. Here's hoping some relief comes your way soon...

  2. My dear friend!
    I am so sorry it has been such an ordeal. Good lord! The skirt is so cute and the egg hunt looks like it was fun! So, are you going? Did I miss the DR report? Bleh!
    I was just discussing the little diet we had for the girls when such an occasion would arise (when they were little ones). Gatorade, yogurt and rice cereal. That was it. That's all they could eat until things would ... well, you know.
    Get well. All the way around. Love you! jan

  3. Oh, yikes. We also have been battling illness for a month but our Florida vacation is not until the 4th...so there's a little more time for all of us to get better. I hope you all get better. Very, very soon.

  4. Oh Heather - I will pray for a Best Family Miracle too - that trip to Disney sounds so fun - unless everyone is sick.

  5. Poor Amelia and Hadley. I am sorry that they have been so sick, but at least they have a wonderful mommy to take care of them and nurse them back to health. The girls look adorable. I can't believe how big Amelia is!

  6. No fun! I hope things are looking up! And that Disney goodness is in your very current future! The skirt is darling. The fact that you got some sewing done continues to add evidence to the fact that you must be SUPER-mom! -S


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