Happy Baby!

One of our goals for the weekend family get together was the celebration of my sister Rebecca's baby-to-be. She has been home visiting for a couple weeks, so while she was here I thought I'd throw her a baby shower. My little sister Lindsay, my Mom, and her friend Susan came from out of town for the event! We gathered with them and more some friends and family for a fun time talking about baby stuff and eating yummy treats. I had a fun time choosing decorations and making cupcakes and a banner.

The banner was a quick project that turned out really cute and will now serve as a celebration banner for birthday's and other special events. I think I'll finish it out with some bias tape instead of the floss I used and maybe sew on fabric letters instead of the construction paper ones I used here.

My other favorite project was the frosting for the cupcakes. My sister Lindsay gets some credit for reading the back of the food coloring box to find the recipe for the perfect spring shades we used. The cupcakes were also decorated by Hadley with jelly bellies. Throw in some cute flowers, brightly colored tissue paper for the table and we had ourselves a party.

Hadley made Rebecca a crown for her baby (if it's a boy and a tiara if it's a girl) and cousin Eli served as a mighty adorable model!

p.s. BTW my girls did not fare well with all of this excitement. Amelia still has a terrible cough and runny nose, plus now she has pink eye in both eyes (thank you Hadley). Hadley has kicked the pink eye and traded it for a raging new cold (I guess it's new from the one she had the week before last??) We are all home today trying to get healthy so we can enjoy our family vacation next week to Disney World!!!


  1. Did you say Disney World!? Oh my goodness -- THAT is going to be a LOT of fun!

    Sorry the girls are under the weather, but glad to hear the party was such a success - - and thank you for posting the photos. I bumped into Rebecca's blog last week (via yours) and was enraptured with the project she and Murv have undertaken! Wow -- and a baby to boot. She looks good - and SO DO YOU!

    Missing you in Boston,

  2. I didn't know you had all of this stuff going on. All the family in town and a big trip to Disney World. Have a great time. I hope that you are all feeling better for the big trip!!!!

    Lots of Love,

  3. Disney World!!! How fun!!! Hadley must be beside herself. Sending you and Phil lots of energy, love and patience!!!

  4. I really love how JOYFUL your sister is in that picture. What could be better!!!! Can';t wait to see the Disney pics! -S

  5. It sounds like the party was a blast! I do love the banner myself and the cupcakes are awesome. I have been on a cupcake/muffin kick lately and so I enjoy that you had them yourself! Have a blast in Disney World! Hopefully everyone will feel better and no one else will get sick!


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