The View From my Kitchen Window

Sunday brought us a storm to beat all storms. The snow was falling in big, fat, juicy flakes for hours. When it finally stopped it looked like a regular winter wonderland around here.

From my kitchen window I can see the beautiful tree house Phil built for his girls (and himself if truth be told) and with all the snow it was very fairytale-esque that day. The second photo is the back patio. Very welcoming in a strange way.

I have not seen snow like this around here in many, many years, and I have to say it's a welcome change from the dreary, gray winters we normally endure. But BRRRR baby, it's cold out there.


  1. I love it when you go outside especially in the evening after it snows and it is always so peaceful outside. Thanks for sharing the snow with us. Today we are expected to have 80 degree weather.

  2. I am with Jen- this VA sun and shine and all of your lovely posts about snow are making me pretty jealous. We will not have it as hot as Richmond - but in the mid-70's is pretty dang hot for February! So, I write not only to beg to be adopted by you, but also for you to send a ton of snow our way! :) -S


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