Stained Glass Hearts

Saturday was a day for a little play. Finally! After a week of total chaos where it felt like all we did was work Phil and I have pretty much decided that we have no idea how families survive with two parents working full time. With all the snow slowing down the mail delivery and sickness taking people off the schedule he worked about 50 hours last week. I had grades due and solo festival organizing, and honor choir practicing after school, so I worked a lot more than normal as well. It made for a totally exhausting week. One we hope not to repeat any time soon!!

But Saturday. Saturday we had some time to relax. Hadley enjoyed a play date with a friend and needed (read that wanted) to take a treat with her. We decided sugar cookies and heart shaped cookie cutters were in order.

We had read a recipe calling for crushed red candy in the center of a double cut out cookie. We didn't have any red, but we did have some multi-colored old fashioned candy leftover from Christmas. So we crushed that instead and it turned out like stained glass. Very cool. To look at anyway. These are not my favorite eating cookies. But cute they are!!


  1. Wow, those *are* beautiful cookies. Bummer about them not tasting very good -- I bet Hadley (and her friend) loved them just the same.

    Cheers on completing such a nightmare week. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for no more of that anytime soon.

  2. Those cookies are cool to look at - too bad I can't have a taste and judge for myself, heehee! Here's to a more relaxed week for you all!

  3. The cookies are lovely!!! And I hope that making them allowed you to have some peace from your week. Love the picture in your header! -S

  4. I hope that this week is better than last. I am debating on making cookies for Valentine's day for Isha to give to all the neighbors. I just need a little motivation. If I can get through my 5 loades of laundry then I just might do it!

  5. Your cookies are so pretty. I can't find the recipe for the cake...I can't remember which blog you said to look at. I have been looking, but luck.


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