(just for a laugh...a little shot of "the queen". And don't we all know it.)

I've been so bad at posting over here lately!! I have been enjoying some recent developments with the girls, though.

Hadley is all grown up and ready to leave home. She pretty much doesn't need me anymore. Except that she would most likely just eat candy all the time if I were not around to be the "treat Nazzi" as she and Daddy call me. I know that's not a PC term, but it does fit the bill here. I would rid my house of all store bought treats if I thought I could get away with it.

Hadley's reading and writing skills continue to amaze us. She is getting so good at sounding out words to spell, and her reading just keeps getting better every day. She will be reading chapter books by next week if we aren't careful!! She also loves adding things up and is pretty good at subtracting, too. Especially if she is subtracting the number of treats missing from her treat bag. Somehow she can always do that math. She also loves to draw. Loves it. I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but it's worth telling you again. She's decided to enter the Reading Rainbow book contest. Today she completed the illustration portion of her book. The book is entitled "The Book of Seasons." She made the cover and then proceeded to draw a picture of the trees from every season. I'll have to take some photos to show you. I really love them.

Amelia is now standing without holding on to anything. She stands up especially well when she is holding something to eat. The girl loves to eat and if the food requires two hands she has no problem letting go. I hope she doesn't walk soon. I'm a little low on energy, and the fact that she totally gets how to open doors and cupboards concerns me for when she can walk where ever she wants to go. Not that she can't crawl most places anyway, but the walking seems to add more danger to the list of things I'll have to worry about.

Amelia is also getting into using her hands for things like waving hello and goodbye (yesterday's development). When her chubby little hands go flying up in the air and wiggling around I tend to melt. It's too cute. She has also started using a little baby sign for "more" and "all done" at dinner time. Well, in all honesty her all done could use some work. She mostly starts swinging her hands wildly and the food on her tray, doing her best to get it off her tray and onto the floor. It's less threatening there. Floor food goes in the garbage.

Did I tell you she claps? Mostly for herself. I'm going to start doing that for myself. "Yaaaaaay, Mommy! You made dinner and did the dishes and laundry!! Gooooood Job." Don't you think?

I suppose that's enough of my sarcastic sense of humor for one post. I just felt it in my best interest to get some good memories in the journal so the girls know how much I adore them. (That's not sarcasm. I really do adore them.)


  1. Ah, what a perfect post, Heather! The girls are amazing -- and you are too -- YAAAYYY Mommy!

  2. You deserve to clap for yourself! I can't believe that Hadley is so grown up. I love the picture of Amelia. The look on her face is priceless!

  3. Clap! Clap away Mrs. Fabulous! And we can forgive you for few posts when you give us such nice ones like this! Love the crown and the sweet little one! -S

  4. I agree with ladies above. clap, clap. I check all the time for a new post and I love being part of your life this way. T is enjoying reading a lot and he is reading to S now. It is a lot of fun to watch the improvement. I can see Hadley working on reading and writing and it sets a smile on my face--(pride)..Love d

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