Pirate Girl

Hadley came up from the basement the other day and asked me if I could give her some "advice" on whether or not "this striped shirt could work as a pirate shirt". I said that I thought pirates like stripes, so sure. Then she came out of her bedroom and said she needed more advice on whether "this dress could possibly be for a pirate". I told her that might be pushing it, but she defended it by saying that she had seen some pirates wearing ruffles before. (Where I wondered silently?) So she donned the dress.

"I just need one more piece of advice" she said. "It's about the shoes". "Boots" I told her." Wear boots". "NOOO WAY! I think pirates would wear these shoes." I told her she was wrong. In no uncertain terms. But she retorted with "X marks the spot, Mom! The x on these shoes makes them for pirates.

So now she's a full on pirate. Pink and ruffles and polka dots and sparkly dress up shoes.

I totally get it.


  1. I totally get it too!!! And you make me laugh so much! My girls are beautiful and brilliant, and dang good pirates. Love your guts,

  2. Love it. I love that she asks for your advice but thinks she's right anyway. Maybe we shoud all take some advice that way.

  3. I love her logic, that she had a well thought out reason for everything!

  4. Perhaps she is a tea-party creating fancy pirate! I would have done the exact some thing. I love this gal! -S


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