Outta Here!

I'll be leaving for Vancouver Canada before the crack of dawn on Wednesday morning. I'm headed for an American Choral Director's Conference. I have four students who were selected to perform in the various honor choirs taking place simultaneous to the educator's conference up there. (I know...American choral directors meeting in Canada. Go Figure.) So there will be lots of rehearsal attending, class taking, and choir listening going on. I'm excited and very, very nervous to leave my little girls. Mostly I'm worried about Phil. He's more likely to suffer as a result of my absence. So send him happy daddy vibes!!! And pray that Amelia decides sleeping is fun. Really, really fun. (I hope you're good at prayer, because my prayers seem to be laughed at these days.) But anyway. I may not be able to post much. Maybe not at all depending on whether they offer wireless internet access at the Hotel.

So, I'll miss you! And remember...pray.


  1. Wow - you Choral Director's Conference sounds wonderful. I predict Amelia will do just fine and Phil will shine in all his fatherly glory. If I know one Dad completely able to rise to this challenge -- it's definitely Phil!

    Have fun Heather! I'll miss you!

  2. Have fun! hopefully you will come back renewed and finding your job more enjoyable! -S

  3. I know that Phil can handle it but we will still send him lots of Daddy vibes from the Old Dominion!

    Have lots of fun and try to relax. You deserve it!!!!

    Lots of Love,

  4. I'm dying to know how the trip went...blog it or else send me an e-mail!!!

    Hope Phil enjoyed his Daddy time!


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