Hooray For Spring!!

I promised to show you the scarf I got from Brenda. I really, really love it. The name of the scarf (she names all her scarves) is Hooray For Spring! For obvious reasons. The funny thing about this scarf is that I saw it in her ETSY shop and knew I wanted it immediately. So I went to Phil and told him that his friend Brenda was making some gorgeous scarves to sell in her ETSY shop. "She knows which one I want" I said.

So Phil e-mailed Brenda and sadly the scarf had just sold. But happily she was willing to make me one special. So she busted her fanny and got the last skein of this yarn just for me. She even overnighted the darn thing so I could have it in time for V-Day. A really sweet gesture, don't you think? (she needs a little reward for that.)

Now because she had to speed knit she didn't have time to block the scarf. If you're like me you're saying "what does that mean?". But in her very professional way she sent me very explicit instructions for blocking (setting the stitches and shaping the scarf) and it is now spread eagle across the back of the couch. The only challenge I now face is the wait. Wait? Me? Hmmm.

This baby is certainly worth the wait. Go visit Brenda at her ETSY shop to see the rest of her lovely work. You can also learn about her knitting and other adventures on her blog.


  1. Awwww, thanks for the great kudos!

    You're doing an awesome blocking job!!! I can't wait to hear how it all turns out!


  2. How special! And I LOVE that scarf! I am going to check out the blog right now.

    On a side note - I am making your sweet potato burritos for dinner tonight and I have the fixings for the vegetarian soup too! -S

  3. Wow -- Hooray for Spring is right! It's gorgeous! And yes, good job with the blocking!


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