Give Thanks!

I really blew it this year at Christmas when I didn't get teacher thank you gifts made and sent to Hadley's teachers. Instead of giving up on the idea all together I decided I would send them a little gift for Valentine's Day. Holli and I really must share a brain because we both had the idea to make these great little felt fortune cookies. I decided that they needed a cute delivery method, so I made them fabric bowls to accompany them. I sent them for three teachers and each of them really loved their bowls and their fortune cookies. In fact one teacher asked me if she could order three more for candy dishes at her bunk o game!

I've see the pattern for these fortune cookies in at least ten places in blogland this year, but I used the instructions from the Martha Stewart website. They were cute and easy and perfect for stuffing with little notes of appreciation.


  1. Oh, that's so funny because those little fortune cookies were on my list to make, too - but I didn't get around to 'em. Your's are so cute, especially in that bowl.
    btw, would you ever feel comfortable sending me your address? I'm gonna be mailing some goodies for swaps and such within the next month, and I'd like to send a little something your way, too! (A little "thanks" for visiting my blog and all of your kind words...)

  2. So great!! The cookies are darling and the bowl is so great. I want you to be one of my student's parents! :) Lucky teachers. -S

  3. Great minds think alike! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bowl ... the fabric is incredible, and those teachers must have been so grateful. It's nice to be appreciated somewhat unexpectedly.



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