A perfect date

Valentine's Day has never been high on my list of days to look forward to. But tonight gave me something to remember. If I was really a great blogger I would have some photos to show you how perfect our night was. Instead you'll have to imagine.

No kids
No chatter
A remote abandoned campground on the river only 30 minutes from our front door
2 people who almost never get a word in edgewise

And you have the perfect date. I love my husband because he is sweet, spontaneous, and knows just exactly when I need a little adventure. A really great gift all on its own, but that wasn't even all. He also gave me a hand knitted scarf made by his long time friend Brenda (phydeaux from the links over on the side). I'll be posting more about this very soon.

Thank you, Papa, for helping us get away just long enough to appreciate how much we love our 2 little girls and remember how much we love each other, too.


  1. How wonderful. I checked out Brenda's scarves -- they are gorgeous. I can't wait to see which one you got.



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