We're Back

I just couldn't stay away.

Amelia is taking the return post today. She has been up to all kinds of fun stuff. She's traversing the whole house these days with the fastest crawl ever. She also started clapping the other day. Her chubby little hands just go to town whenever she hears someone else clap, or hears us say "yay, Amelia"! It's more than cute. I did try to get it on video, but as you'll see, the camera is just too distracting. (yep. That's a big mess in my house. I can't sew and blog all the time and keep the house clean. Not that I keep it clean all the time anyway!)

The other day she found a candy cane on the floor while I wasn't looking and started in on it. By the time I noticed she had the wrapper off and was working her way through the curve. As soon as she noticed me looking at her she started laughing. As soon as I started walking toward her she took off crawling as fast as she could. Shrieking with the excitement of a great get-away as she went. She knew exactly why I was coming for her and she wasn't about to give it up. Not without a fight. I almost felt bad to take it away. Except for the choking hazard!

She recently had her 9 month check up and she is doing very well. Healthy! She's in the 95th percentile for height, and 75th for weight. Her head is still around the 25th percentile. But we won't tell her that. Her massive blue eyes and inch long eyelashes make up for her tiny little head. (and a hefty dose of cheeks to go along with the other cute stuff.)

This little girl is one opinionated little monkey. She knows exactly what she wants. Let me tell you what. We don't get away with anything around here! But when it's time to slow down and she's getting tired, she's the sweetest little monkey around. She's started plunking her head down into our chests or soft surfaces such as the side of the couch or chair. It's really too cute. She just plops and rests for a minute. Then she's off again. Ready and running. She doesn't slow down to sleep unless we make her.


  1. It is amazing how fast they can move when they are trying to get away. Isha does the exact same thing.

  2. What a sweet girl!!! I love that sleeping picture! -S

  3. Oh, Amelia! I'm so glad you are back. Loved hearing your stats, and seeing your on video (what fun fun fun). Good job on the candy cane...but never try to run away with it -- that's where the choking hazard comes in. You are a cutie.



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