Wanna Keep it?

I know that not all of my posts are monumental, and most won't need to be saved. But this is something like a journal for me, and I don't want it to disappear in a flash. I suspect that if you have a blog you feel the same way about yours. I especially feel this way about my girls' blog. Which I suspect (based on early voting trends from my poll) will be back from vacation before too long. So anyway. When I noticed a post about publishing your blog over at soulemama I went to check it out. I suspected that Lulu.com would offer this service and had planned to check it out. Now I know they do, and so does this website called blurb.

If you love your blog and want to keep the memories in black and white without doing a separate scrapbook (like me) you might enjoy knowing about this.

Happy, Happy Sunday. (Eat something chocolate for me today.)


  1. I second what Sarah said. I put so much into Isha's blog that it would be great to save it for her.

  2. Another star on my reader! I am SOOO thrilled about the contents of this post! -S


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