So Much

I knew the year would be filled with joy and excitement, but I didn't expect so much happiness so quickly. We had the most beautiful, snowy weekend full of delight. It started on Saturday when we trekked over to the Botanical Gardens to see the last night of wintry lighted goodness. And it was goodness. They had the place lit up like magic and the weather was perfect for strolling and dreaming. So magical. Amelia and Hadley both loved it as much as we did, which always helps with the experience.

Then we headed downtown to one of our old favorite pizza places for a slice of cheesy, yummy, delight. Just as we were finishing our meal the snow began to fall and the wind blew in a gorgeous flurry of white. We marveled at our luck for completing task A (above) before it was too late.

Sunday we woke up to the most stunning morning. Really stunning and inspiring. And peaceful. Mustn't forget how peaceful it was. I made some orange cranberry scones and then we bundled up and set out into the neighborhood with the sled and the backpack carrier. The sky was blue and the sun was gleaming off of every surface. Perfect for taking lots of pictures. (my new blog header being one). I love winter. Love, love, love it. I always have. Especially when there's snow and no inversion. I don't love the inversion. I'm not looking forward to that. But I had to tell about my magic weekend. It was so perfect. So much happiness.


  1. I love the pictures of the snow. I love hearing about the good times that you and your family have!

  2. Wow Heather, what a special weekend. The photos are beautiful, but your recollections even more so. Thanks for sharing...and may the peace and joy continue.

  3. Your post took me right there...into the peace and gentle clam that a nice snow can bring! :) -S


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