Princess For a Day

My project for yesterday was to make little felt crowns inspired by soulemama. I drew them on paper first and then cut out some on white fabric so I could figure out what I was doing first. Then I just went to town on the felt. I love how they turned out. I'll have to catch Amelia in hers a little later, since she wasn't ready to be a princess this morning.

Today was hat day at school for Hadley. The kids could donate a dollar toward cancer research and wear a hat. It seems my timing for the crown was perfect, and we decided that a crown is a hat for a princess. So she wore her crown to school today.


  1. Very regal! And to wear it to school today...even better! -S

  2. Good timing. Hadley looks great in her princess crown.

  3. you are so amazing h. you can inspire so many people. i love reading all your blogs and learning from you.


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