Meet Isabella

Hadley and I finished this little girl just in time for bed the other night. We made her together from start to finish. Hadley drew the picture of what she wanted her to look like and chose the fabric for the tights and dress (not yet complete since I'm waiting for Hadley to be ready to help me with it). We even went to a local yarn shop and found the perfect .50 cent skein of yellow yarn for her hair. The whole way through this project I was totally stressed out because I didn't know what I was doing and I wanted her to turn out just right. I learned so much from trial and error and I can't wait to make another one. I still think she needs more hair, and one leg is longer than the other. But Hadley didn't want me to fix that since "it looks like she's dancing when her leg goes behind her like that."

I was inspired to make her by an artist named Hillary Lang. She has a blog called Wee Wonderfuls and it really is inspiring to me. She created dolls for a Make-A-Long story line that I think are so perfect and adorable. I didn't buy her patterns because I wanted this creation to be mine and Hadley's. If our pattern hadn't turned out I think I would have, though. I have followed other patterns posted on her blog, though, and I love how everything has turned out.

This leads me to my next post....


  1. I LOVE HER!!!!! Great crafty work, Hadley and Heather!!! Did the two of you get along while doing this? That can be tricky for a mother/daughter sewing duo. Keep showing these great projects!

  2. Wow, Heather! Isabella is adorable! Great job and how fun for you and Hadley to work together; fun memories for a lifetime.

  3. She is so cute. I bet Hadley had a great time working on her with you. I can't wait to someday be able to do things like that with Isha. You are such a fun mom!

  4. Amazing! I am always in such awe at your creativity and the care you put into each special project that you complete! Lucky us to get to experience it all on the blog! You rock! -S


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