I've been so inspired by the abundant Craft Blogs I've been reading lately that I can't contain myself. The ideas and inspiration I've been gleaning have made our family life a whole lot more lovely this past little while. Instead of turning on the TV when I am bound to the house I have been making a point of working on a project. Either on my own or with Hadley. We've even convinced Phil to join in a few.

I've always loved to create. I love to create food, paper crafts, sewing projects, refurbish old furniture, and make music. My earliest creations were partly a budgetary necessity. I wanted to make things to save money, so I made things like pillows and curtains with the occasional dress or skirt thrown in. Straight lines are good.

Despite my ability to create I've never felt like I was really good at any of my endeavors. I always felt like a bit of a fraud because I don't usually come up with my projects all on my own. I see something I love and then I try it out. Since my craft blog addiction started I've come to realize that I'm not alone in this. Many other crafty people find inspiration in the work of others and the natural world. This realization has been some what of a light bulb moment for me. I always thought that everyone but me came up with brilliant ideas all on their own. Some do. They are called artists. I still don't think I'm an artist, but now I am starting to see that being an artist is different than being artistic. This is going to sound really cheesy and vain to say, but I am starting to see myself as artistic for the first time in my life. And I'm so excited. Looking back over the past year of my blog life I have noticed that my crafting production has definitely become more prolific this year. Though most of my projects have stemmed from patterns or pictures I find on other blogs, they all have something of me in them that makes them personal. These projects have also led to other self created projects and imaginings all my own.

To make a long (very sorry) story shorter I thought I would share with you some links to my favorite sources of inspiration this year. That is links for people besides you, my loyal blog readers and fellow bloggers, who have also been a huge source of inspiration and motivation for me. Being able to share my projects, ideas, and musings over the course of the past 16 months has opened many doors for me in terms of seeing my life fun and eventful. Even though really, it's just so ordinary. But that's a good thing. I like ordinary. That's part of the criteria for why I'll return to a blog over and over. If I can see that the person is living a real and genuine life and they are willing to share that with other women who may be feeling less than worthy I'll be tuning in to hear about it.

So here they are:

soulemama: She's my age and she and I think alike in many ways. She loves to thrift and re-purpose. Most of her craftings involve her children, who she teaches at home. Something I always battle wanting to do. She loves books, nature, and color. She recently wrote a book called The Creative Family, which I cannot wait to buy. The book features information about spending time as a family making things.

Anna Maria Horner: Unlike me she is a trained artist and she creates things that are amazing to look at. I relate to her because she is a busy Mom and she loves color and crafting with her family. I've used several of her tutorials to make things I love. Anna Maria is honest about how life really looks and she is not afraid to talk about her failures or her successes. I love her photos on her web page and her blog.

Allsorts: Mary Engelbreit style artist and illustrator. She loves color and she shares really adorable patterns for stuffed animals I've enjoyed making for the girls and friends. She also has virtual paper dolls Hadley and I love to dress up and mess around with. Just plain fun.

Wee Wonderfuls: My inspiration to start making dolls for Hadley. This woman amazes me with her imagination. Her dolls and Read-A-Long doll story line are just plain adorable. She has lots of patterns to download for free. She loves to sew for her children and inspires me to do so as well.

Angry Chicken: Quite possibly the Mother of craft blogs. This woman does it all. I love her folksy old fashioned style and the fact that spending time with her family making things is the most important thing she does. She has a group called Tie One On. This group has a monthly apron challenge and they make the most adorable aprons. I'm going to do this month's polka dot apron with some fabric I've been dying to use. She wrote a book called Bend the Rules Sewing that I would like to have. She is another Mom who crafts using many thrifted materials.

So there you have it (a small portion of a much longer list if you want more). Go and see and be inspired. Maybe some of these links will spark your creativity too.


  1. I love these, you should add them to your links on the left so we can always find them!

  2. You should add the links to your list on the RIGHT so that we can always find them! The stuff you make is great, I love reading about what you have been creating.

  3. Really great post, Heather. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful site with me, and for all the inspiration. I've been addicted to many of them since first hearing about them several months ago. I too have found a lot of fun projects and have customized many of them into great gifts and other treasures. I'm so happy the internet and blogging exits...and I LOVE spending my time productively being artistic. All these blogs have made my plans of making 80% of the gifts I give away this year doable! Happy creating! I love you!

  4. Heather -- this is a really great post..and there's nothing cheesy about it! I've got you to thank for sharing all these wonderful blogs (and so many more) with me over the past several months....they have helped make my dreams of making 80% of the gifts I give away this year, very doable! Much like you, I greatly enjoy finding ways to make other people's great ideas personalized and customized so they are my own. I'm so inspired by all these amazing women who gladly share their patterns and ideas with certainly brings them more creative juices. Here's to many more happy artistic moments. I love you!!

  5. Hey, it is a new year! So definitely get your craft on. :) I stumbled on your comment on craftsanity. I hope you do learn to knit--especially with all the new babies coming into your life soon. Babies are the perfect inspiration and their clothes are much smaller and less intimidating of a project.

  6. I bow down to your amazingness!!! And it kills me that you are just NOW seeing yourself in an artistic light. I swear, I just want you to be my mom - the memories and the special times you are creating with your kids---so wonderful! -S

  7. Heather...I totally love your blog. I am checking out your links right now. I love all of the things that you have done with Hadley...reminds me of my happy childhood. :)

  8. Ha ha! Great minds! I love Angry Chicken too! :-)


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