I would like to thank the....

academy...errr...I mean the writers guild. For staying on strike just long enough to completely wean me from all the T.V. programs I used to love. I'm now so much more productive than I used to be!!!! So thanks.

(Stay tuned for some yummy vegetarian recipes we've been trying lately, and a photo of the Hadley artwork clock we made! Hoping to post them this week.)


  1. I can't wait to see Hadley's project. I want to see all the pant you made for Amelia!

  2. Yes, isn't life better without TV?

  3. Wow! H, you have been busy with your posting! Impressive! I will now get busy with my commenting!

    TV - its a major addiction of mine. I have given it up for Lent for the past few years - and oh what a difference it makes. Wish I could be that steadfast when it isn't Lent. -S


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