Have Faith

My little sister Lindsay was talking to me the other day about how "un-crafty" she is. She said she could never make stuff like I do. But I don't believe her. I think she is just in a different season of her life right now. I would have said the same thing just months ago. But something weird happened this year. I suddenly feel an intense need to make stuff. I can't stop! And the even more weird thing is that unlike in the past, my projects keep turning out the way I want them to. That never used to happen. I would get all excited about making something, spend way too much money on the supplies, and then be totally disappointed with the end result. Lately I've been getting lucky. Or....something in me has changed.

I'm going to go with a combo answer! I still think it's a bit of both.

But while I was busily sewing Amelia three pairs of pants last Sunday (which all turned out, most likely because I didn't use a pattern and I only used thrifted or scrap materials for a total cost of .25 cents for all three pairs.) I was listening to a pod cast from Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood as she interviewed artist Alynn Guerra. Alynn says that shortly after she turned 30 she was over come by an intense desire to create. She also finally became able to see her abilities in a new and more pleasing light. She now makes her living as an artist. I love Alynn's viewpoint on the difference between art and craft, and her opinion that art should be more accessible to everyone. I think that is why I want to be a part of the Farmer's Market, and why I love ETSY.

I loved the interview because it validated my wondering and theories about "what happened this year?" and why it's different than last year. I'm not saying I'm some great artist or anything, but I'm finding my way at doing something I've always wanted to do and have never felt able.

So have faith. Trust in your vision and let life lead you to your inspiration for what you want to be when you grow up. It's in you somewhere!

Oh, and thank you for your rave reviews of my bowl. That was a really cheery few minutes!

p.s. I highly recommend listening to Jennifer's other podcasts if you have an interest in becoming crafty, or marketing your art.Listening to other women talk about their process has really helped me with my own feelings of self doubt.


  1. That is exciting, maybe there is hope for me yet!

  2. This *is* exciting, Heather. I'll be listening to the podcasts...

  3. I love the idea that there is also possibility for my craft-diva to com out too! :) Thanks for the hope! -S

  4. i hope that i can feel so centered like you one day. my thirthies are passing so fast and nothing has happened yet.


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