Get Serious!!

Who needs football when there's The Amazing Race?!!!! Phil is busy watching the play offs for football and I'm totally screaming at the T.V. while watching The Race. I'm totally serious. Screaming! Just in case you were following....I'm a happy girl tonight because Karma finally caught up with the fighting team. You know the couple that always fights. Now I don't care who wins although I will say that I'm rooting for T.K. and Rachael because they are always calm and nice to each other. Plus they're Tree Huggers. What's not to love?

In other T.V. news, did anyone see 20/20 Friday night? It was all about Happiness and I had to stay up a little late (past 9:00) to watch it because it was just so fascinating. I'm ready to move to Denmark. I found the happiness research to be so compelling.

Lest you think I've been neglecting my creativity to watch T.V. don't worry. Oh, no, no, no!! I pumped out an amazing array of projects this weekend including one appliquéd tote bag, two pairs of pants for Amelia, a snowflake mobile/art display over the couch, and clock from Hadley's artwork (to be featured later this week, I hope), curtains for our new basement play/sewing room, and plenty of cleaning, dishes, diapers and hugs and kisses, too. It was a furiously productive week where I completely forgot that I'm a teacher and I have to go back to work tomorrow. I didn't plan a thing. Now my tummy hurts a little thinking about that, but whatever. I had a blissful craft making party and I don't regret it.

I don't have pictures of everything, but here are the bag and the snowflake art. (I had to do something with the snowflakes after all that snipping. Especially when Phil said " They're great! And you're going to do what with all of them?!!)

This yellow canvas hangs above our couch in the living room and has become a bit of a rotating art display.
Blurry, but too cute not to show. Hadley made herself jewelery with some of her snowflakes. I know again without the shirt. Don't ask me?!
I don't recommend starting with circles if you want to learn to appliqué. It was pretty intense and involved embroidery hoops, lots of pins, and an iron. But I was determined and in the end I will enjoy toting my tote to work and the library.

BTW... sorry about the posting comments snafu, Holli. Somehow I had the moderate comments button turned on?? Should be fixed now. I also started allowing anonymous comments unless it becomes a problem. So those without a Google account can post. And the links sidebar and tag features are all under construction this week for your enhanced surfing pleasure. I'll add all the links in my previous post. I'm gettin' serious about this blog thing. Don't ask me why. I guess it's a good diversion. Plus I love chattin' with all of you. H


  1. Heather - we really are on the same wave length. I spent a lot of this weekend making tote bags. Mine are a little different than yours (which is adorable!!), and I made one for you -- to tote your work and library goods around. Isn't that FUNNY!? I made several prototypes until I got my bags just the way I wanted them, and have only made one perfected one (with 3 prototypes), and have fabric cut out to make 8 more (all different colors and designs)...I've got a lot of little gifts to give, and lots of friends who need book bags. I love you...great job on your tote! *and I love the snowflake wall :)

  2. We really are on the same wavelength! I cannot wait to see the bag. I LOVE bags and need many more. You are so patient to make a prototype.

  3. You have been BUSY. I love seeing all of the projects that you are working on. Isha loves her little lamb. I am debating on if I should let her play with it or save it up on her bookself. I really want to save it but I remeber reading an article by Erma Bombeck where she talked about all the things she saved, but never enjoyed.

  4. Wow, H! So amazing!!! I am majorly impressed as always!! I love the idea of the rotating art wall in the living room. Very nice! And I saw that sweet little lamb - WOWZA!!! So cute! I will be including it on a new post soon! -S

  5. Pretty snowflakes. I know, what would I do on Sunday nights if not for the Amazing Race? :)


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