Felt Bag

Yay for Friday! Not that I need help coming up with a reason to make something, but knowing that I have two days off certainly helps motivate me to get busy. I've been eying these felt bags for a few weeks now, so when I sat down to start a project yesterday I decided to try and make one for myself. Only I changed it a bit to make it more like me.

I'm in the mode of using supplies I already have on hand, so my grey felt stash and my polka-dots (recently seen here) jumped out at me. Last Sunday and Monday I spent several hours organizing all my tools, fabrics, embellishments, floss, etc. so that when I get ready to start a project I don't feel so overwhelmed and frustrated trying to get everything together. It was a big relief to see everything come together in clear bins, Zip lock baggies, and glass jars. Now when I sit down to do something, I can actually find what I'm looking for. (Except the little bottle of fray check I simply know I had. I can't find that anywhere. Not anywhere. I think a little bandit borrowed it.)

So anyway, long story shortened a little bit: I finished my little bag while Amelia took her nap this morning. I got jumpy last night and sewed the lining in before I did the embellishing or the pockets in the inside. Because I wanted it to be finished. But this morning I realized the error of my ways and ripped out the seams so I could finish it how I really want it. Very uncharacteristic of me. I'm not patient. Hadley asked me for a flower on her little doll's dress "just like that one, Mom. " So hopefully she's finally in the mood to finish that this afternoon.


  1. OMG!! What an adorable bag!! I might have to make one when my knitting addiction abates.

  2. Love it. Wish I had your sewing talent - I'd make myself one!


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