Despite it all

It really is a Happy New Year. I know I complain a lot about my recent obsession with sleep deprivation, but I have to say that despite it all I am so in love with my little girl's and their Daddy. Because of this I can withstand a few more sleepless nights and runny noses as long as I get to keep on being present in the lives of these people I simply adore.

This year has been one of exceptional growth for me. Another mom recently told me how great her 30's have been for her because of the ability to really slow down and reflect upon who she really is and what life is all about. This, my first year of 30's has been so bountiful and such a journey for me. I've come a long way to realizing my potential as a Mom and as a teacher. I've also spent a great deal of time just thinking about me and who I am. I've re-learned that I want a simple life full of simple, creative pleasures. The kind where you get to engage your 5 senses every day. I have not yet read and book Eat, Pray, Love (and I might not???) but I did see the interview she gave with Oprah and I loved what she said about wanting a bigger, smaller life. A life where there is more time to enjoy and create and less business for things we don't really care about.

In 2008 I hope to live a life full of my 5 senses as I:
Hear my husband and my children and the amazing stories they tell
Taste fresh, local food as much as possible
Smell as many flowers and as much fresh, homemade bread as I can
Touch the earth as I grow something I can eat and things I love to look at
See myself sitting in a booth full of handmade wares to sell at the Farmer's Market

There are many more things on my list, but the list above boils it down to what is really most important to me this year. I know this year will be filled with more joy and more learning than my heart can hold at times, and I'm so thankful for that.

Have a blessed new year! H


  1. What a beautiful entry, Heather. Your plans for 2008 sound enriching and fulfilling. May this be your best year yet.

    I love you!

  2. You know, I feel the same way about my 30's, which have only begun, really. It's the best decade so far for me. I hope that all of your resolutions come true. I'm looking forward to a photo of you selling homemade wares at the farmers market!!!! That's a great goal!!

  3. I love the idea of the stall at 6the farmer's market! I can't wait for that post! I also think this is a wonderful entry into 2008. -S

    PS-Funny thing about that blue sweater, I left it in Boise to be donated. I was just not loving it...I will find out of Shawn actually dropped off our donations yet... :) -S

  4. heather, you are full of inspirations. my new year's resolutions are to do more fun things with my kids and to enjoy my husband and my family more.just that!!! i always want to look back and feel that my life has been enjoyed all the way and is not mediocre. you are very special to me. happy new year! i love you dunya


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