Sweet Simplicity

Snowflakes Falling all over town
Slipping, sliding, everybody rush around
There's an icy chill in the air
Telling us that winter's really here.

The snow is falling in big, fat, white flakes granting us our wish for a white Christmas. At least a white Christmas Eve for sure.

It's beautiful here. The cookies are baked, the gifts are finished and wrapped. Even the Christmas feast is planned and ready for the oven. Now it's finally time to enjoy the sweetest part of this peaceful holiday. The Christmas Cd's are lined up and ready for listening. We have lots of snowflake making paper and art and craft supplies and we plan on relaxing and creating to our hearts content this week.

May your Christmas be Merry and Bright!

Peace and Joy,


  1. Thanks H!! Its so easy to get caught up in the hubub and not take time for the peaceful moments! I am in Boise too and am loving the beautiful snow!!! -S

  2. Happy Christmas, Heather! I love you!

  3. Merry Christmas. I am glad to hear that you have some snow and you were all ready to enjoy the day. Merry Christmas and lots of love.



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