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I've found an addiction. Ever since I met Phil he's been begging me to become a coffee addict, but I just can't.

Instead I've become addicted to reading blogs. I love it. It's really a fantastic "I don't have cable" diversion to fall back on when my brain is whirring and I know I won't be able to fall asleep.

I love reading about all the lives of my friends and family. I also love how blogging gives me an incentive to record things for my girls and share photos with people far away. The other thing I love is knowing that I'm not the only person who feels overwhelmed by life. I've also found scads of great creative inspiration and dinner ideas from all of your lovely blogs.

Though there are a few male "journal" blogs out there (and some are pretty good) I stick to reading the blogs of women most of the time. I especially love the amazing art and craft blogs out there.

But my addiction is costing me sleep time lately, and we all know that's crossing the line in my world these days. So when I came upon a website called bloglines I was pretty excited. This cool contraption allows you to subscribe to your favorite blogs. Then you go there and it uploads the new feeds all in a list. That way you can see who has posted without clicking on every single blog you read. It's really easy to sign up and subscribe. (There are other sites out there like it as well.)

After all...we all need a little addiction in our lives, right?


  1. As you may have guessed...I share that addiction! I am glad that you found bloglines. I use google reader and love it. It is so great how you can keep tabs on all of your blogs! :) -S

  2. I too share the addiction. That's a handy way to do it...I will have to try it. How long have you had this blog? I had no idea until I saw the link on Lindsay's page! I love seeing all the pictures of you family!


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